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1.控制传染源、切断传播途径to control the sources of infection and cut off the channels of transmission
2.打破传播链to break the chains of transmission
3.尽最大可能控制疫情波及范围to make every possible effort to curb the spread of the disease
4.构筑群防群治的严密防线to build stringent lines of defense across society
5.防控资源和力量下沉to channel both material and human resources down to the community level
6.基层防控能力capacity for prevention and control at the community level
7.医防结合Emphasis is needed on both prevention and treatment.
8.强化公共卫生法治保障to strengthen the legal framework of public health
9.统一的应急物资保障体系unified emergency supply system
10.疫情防控重点地区key regions in epidemic prevention and control
11.非疫情防控重点地区non-key regions; regions that are not critical in the epidemic prevention and control effort
12.低、中、高风险地区low-, medium-, high-risk regions
13.提高收治率和治愈率、降低感染率和病亡率to improve the admission and cure rates and reduce the infection and fatality rates
14.紧紧扭住城乡社区防控和患者救治两个关键to focus on stemming the spread at the community level and having all patients cared for
15.内防扩散、外防输出to prevent the coronavirus from spreading within the city/region or beyond
16.外防输入、内防反弹to prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic
17.京津冀地区联防联控joint prevention and control efforts in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
18.对抗疫医务人员保护、关心、爱护to provide full protection and care to medical workers fighting against the epidemic
19.统筹安排轮休to better schedule rotating shifts
20.医务人员科学防护和培训scientific prevention and proper training for medical workers
21.重点防控部位人员的物资保障to make sure that essential supplies can be rapidly directed to personnel in key posts
22.药品和疫苗研发drug and vaccine development
23.入境航班将分流至指定机场to redirect inbound flights to designated airports
24.第一入境点first point of entry
25.境外输入关联病例cases resulting from virus carriers  traveling from abroad; patients infected by virus carriers traveling from abroad
26.入境人员闭环管理to ensure a seamless and hermetic process for managing the quarantine and monitoring of travelers arriving in China
27.高度重视公共利益serious concern for the public good
28.保持社交距离to enforce/practice social distancing
29.解决好生活必需品供应的最后一公里问题to ensure the “last kilometer” delivery of daily necessities
30.无本地新增病例to report no domestic cases; to report zero local cases; to record no locally transmitted infections
31.疫情防控工作到了关键阶段The battle against the epidemic has arrived at a crucial moment.
32.以武汉市为主战场的全国本土疫情传播已基本阻断The domestic coronavirus outbreak, centered in the city of Wuhan, has been contained in China/is now effectively under control in China.
33.坚定信心、同舟共济、科学防治、精准施策to strengthen confidence and solidarity and take science-based and targeted measures
34.把握好防疫管控的度Moderation is required in epidemic prevention and control.
35.在斗争一线考察识别干部to put officials to the test on the frontline
36.对紧要关头当逃兵的干部要就地免职to remove from their posts officials who abandon the frontline at critical moments37.把问题解决在萌芽之时、成灾之前
to eliminate risks at the source and resolving problems when they first appear
38.战胜疫情to prevail over the epidemic; to beat the epidemic; to win the battle against the epidemic

39.灵活复工to apply a flexible approach to the resumption of work
40.恢复生产生活秩序to resume work and normal life
41.统筹疫情防控和经济社会发展to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development
42.中国经济韧性强劲,内需空间广阔,产业基础雄厚China’s economy enjoys strong resilience, broad space for domestic demand, and a solid industrial foundation.
43.形势积极向好The situation is witnessing positive changes.
44.适时下调响应级别并实行动态调整to downgrade their emergency response level in due course and make dynamic adjustments
45.将疫情对经济社会发展的影响降到最低to minimize the impact of the epidemic on social and economic development
46.多种方式扩大产能和增加产量to expand capacity and increase output in a variety of ways
47.阶段性、有针对性的减税降费政策phased and targeted tax and fee breaks
48.财政贴息government interest subsidies
49.缓缴税款deferment of taxes
50.使用存量资金to tap into unallocated funds
51.扩大地方政府专项债券发行规模to scale up the issuance of special bonds by local governments
52.预算内投资结构structure of investment from the government budget
53.为防疫重点地区单列信贷规模to set aside credit for key regions in epidemic prevention and control
54.提供专项信贷额度to provide special credit lines
55.减免小微企业贷款利息to cut or cancel interest rates on loans to small and micro businesses
56.就业优先政策pro-employment policies
57.减负、稳岗、扩就业并举to take multi-pronged measures, including reducing corporate burdens, keeping the payroll stable, and creating more jobs
58.因地因企因人分类帮扶to provide assistance specifically designed to suit different regions, enterprises and people
59.“点对点、一站式直达运输服务point-to-point transport services
60.多渠道灵活就业flexible employment through multiple channels
61.线上登记失业和申领失业保险金online registration of unemployment and application for unemployment security insurance
62.高校学生毕业、招聘、考录graduation and job placement of college students
63.精准对接劳务输出地和输入地to accurately connect both ends of labor transfer
64.扶贫龙头企业、扶贫车间enterprises and workshops that employ local workers and play a major role in poverty alleviation
65.产销对接to coordinate production and sales
66.解决好贫困地区农畜产品卖难问题to help farmers in poor areas solve difficulties in selling their produce and livestock
67.建立健全防止返贫机制to establish a sound mechanism to prevent any return to poverty/prevent any relapse into poverty
68.打通人流、物流堵点to smooth travel and logistics channels
69.放开货运物流限制to lift cargo transport bans
70.春季农业生产spring-season agricultural activities
71.春耕备耕spring farming and preparation
72.“米袋子省长责任制和菜篮子市长负责制systems of holding provincial governors accountable for grain supplies and city mayors for daily food supplies
73.农副产品生产、流通、供应production, distribution, and supply of agricultural products
74.保障全国生活必需品市场总体稳定to maintain an overall balance in the market for daily necessities
75.保持基本民生服务不断档to ensure the availability of basic public services
76.用足用好合规的外贸政策工具to make full and best use of foreign trade policy tools
77.简化通关手续to simplify procedures for customs clearance
78.推出更多外汇便利化业务to offer more services to facilitate foreign exchange transactions
79.严厉打击涉疫违法犯罪to take firm action against epidemic-related crimes


80.规范和完善信息发布机制to standardize and improve the information release mechanism
81.广泛普及疫情防控知识to disseminate information on epidemic prevention and control
82.推进疫情防控的好经验好做法to promote best practices in prevention and control from across the country
83.及时回应社会关切to provide timely responses to public concerns
84.疫情信息发布依法做到公开、透明、及时、准确The release of epidemic information must be open, transparent, timely and accurate as prescribed by the law.
85.激发正能量to evoke positivity
86.在全社会弘扬真善美to promote high moral standards throughout society
87.提升网上传播能力to strengthen online communication
88.适应公众获取信息渠道的变化to meet people’s evolving ways of acquiring information

89.中国世卫组织联合考察专家组China-WHO Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 
90.以电话、信函、声明等方式表示慰问和支持to express sympathy and support by telephone, letter or statement
91.向其他出现疫情扩散的国家和地区提供力所能及的援助to provide assistance within our capacity to other countries and regions affected by the pandemic
92.迎难而上,勇敢应对to rise up to the challenge and respond to it bravely
93.及时同国际社会分享信息timely sharing of information with the international community
94.避免使某个国家或特定群体蒙受污名to avoid stigmatizing a country or particular group
95.呼吁采取紧急的、积极的行动to call for urgent and aggressive action
96.加强国家间政策协调to enhance policy coordination between countries
97.(向其他国家)提供抗疫物资to offer supplies in support of the fight against the pandemic
98.派出医疗小组协助抗疫to send medical teams to help combat the coronavirus
99.控制疫情永远不会太晚It is never too late to get the pandemic under control.
100.有效阻止疫情在全球蔓延to contain the global spread of the virus
101.采取最全面、最严格、最彻底的防控举措to take the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures
to act responsibly in protecting the safety and health of its people, and contribute to safeguarding global public health
103.凝聚起战胜疫情的强大合力to form strong synergies to beat the pandemic
104.守望相助、同舟共济to support each other/to stand closely together in difficult times

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