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1.领导能力、应对能力、组织动员能力、贯彻执行能力the ability to lead, respond, mobilize, and to execute orders

2.科学战疫science-based approach in fighting the epidemic

3.国家疫苗储备制度national vaccine reserve system

4.疫情防控预警预测机制early warning and forecasting mechanism for epidemic prevention and control

5.调整应急响应等级to adjust the emergency response level

6.生物安全法biosecurity law
7.国家生物安全风险防控和治理体系建设to develop a national biosecurity risk control and management system
8.深化疫情防控国际合作deeper international cooperation on epidemic prevention and control/containment measures
9.两年户口和档案托管two-year custodian service for household registration and personal files
10.拓宽就地就近就业渠道to create more jobs locally
11.援企、稳岗、扩就业 to assist businesses, stabilize employment, and create more jobs 
12.优先吸纳贫困劳动力务工就业 to prioritize the employment of poor migrant workers  
13.减免企业社会保险费reduction of and exemption from corporate social insurance premiums   
14.社保延缴(to allow) deferred social security contributions 
15.社保制度social insurance system; social security system 
16.优惠帮扶举措preferential support measures 
17.发挥医疗救助资金的兜底保障作用to make full use of the medical assistance fund to ensure that medical bills (of COVID-19 patients) are paid promptly
18.做好工伤认定和待遇保障(to streamline/implement procedures) to identify and facilitate compensation for work-related infections  

19.安全距离safe distance
20.防雾霾口罩anti-smog mask  
21.口罩产能mask output    
22.口罩预约mask reservation and purchase
23.过滤性能filtering performance  
24.含酒精的消毒液alcohol-based disinfectant
25.消毒机器人disinfecting robot26.抗菌洗手液antibiotic hand sanitizer
28.注意下水道的通畅to ensure that sewers are not clogged  
29.入户检测door-to-door testing  
30.严控境外疫情输入strict control of imported infection     
31.暂时隔离区域area for temporary quarantine
32.加强病毒溯源和传播机理研究to strengthen research on the traceability and transmission mechanism of the virus 
33.分享病毒基因序列 to share the genetic sequence of the virus  
34.紧急救治emergency treatment
35.外科处置surgical treatment    
36.修订诊断标准revision of diagnostic criteria     
37.应收尽收All suspected and confirmed patients should be admitted to the hospital. 
38.应治尽治All confirmed patients should be treated.
39.心理疏导psychological counseling
40.分区严格隔离strict quarantine 
41.污染集中处理centralized treatment of medical waste
42.医疗垃圾处理medical waste disposal


43.慕课MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) 
44.网上面试online interview   
45.网上签约to sign an employment contract online 
46.员工健康监测和报告employee health monitoring and reporting  
47.出行轨迹travel records 
48.返岗证明health certificate for returning to work  
49.个人行程证明proof of travel; travel records 
50.共享员工employee sharing
51.缓解用工荒to address labor shortage  
52.产业扶贫poverty alleviation by developing industries
53.消费扶贫poverty alleviation by consuming products and services from poor areas   
54.服务消费consumption of services
55.实物消费consumption of products 
56.助农to support farmers and agriculture
57.把被抑制、被冻结的消费释放出来 to stimulate consumption stifled by the outbreak  
58.送货机器人(self-driving) delivery robot   
59.社区批发计划community wholesale program   
60.无接触销售non-physical-contact sales service   
61.有效地填补供需缺口 to effectively fill the gap between supply and demand    
62.健康码health code  
63.健康申报declaration of health status    
64.绿码green (health) code  
65.绿色通道green channel  
66.无接触电梯按钮virtual elevator buttons 
67.客座率passenger load factor (PLF  
68.春节返乡高峰Spring Festival travel rush   
69.昼夜不停的施工进度around-the-clock construction 


70.假阴性false negative
71.L型冠状病毒L-type coronavirus
72.S型冠状病毒S-type coronavirus
73.体外膜肺氧合extracorporeal membrane  oxygenation (ECMO)
75.磷酸氯喹 chloroquine phosphate   
76.瑞德西韦 remdesivir
77.托珠单抗 tocilizumab   
78.负压房间 negative pressure room     
79.基础性疾病 underlying medical conditions
80.病人专用通道 entrance for patients  
81.医护人员专用通道 entrance for medical staff 
82.半污染区 partially contaminated area
83.污染区 contaminated area  
84.检疫区 quarantine area  
85.清洁区 clean area 


86.不获全胜决不轻言成功。 We will not proclaim success until we have secured the final victory over COVID-19.
87.沧海横流,方显英雄本色。True heroes arise in times of hardship.
88.公共卫生安全是人类面临的共同挑战。Public health security is a common challenge for humanity.
89.生命安全和生物安全领域的重大科技成果是国之重器。Major scientific and technological achievements in the fields of life safety and biosecurity are of vital importance to our country.  
90.这是一次危机,也是一次大考。 This is a crisis and also a test.
China has demonstrated strength, character and efficiency in fighting against the epidemic.  
92.负责任大国 a responsible major country
93.聚集性疫情outbreak in clusters
94.二级传播(继发性传播)secondary transmission 
95.疫情高发区severely-hit regions (areas); areas (regions) with high infection rates

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