About GITC(Guangdong Innovative Technical College)
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Guangdong Innovative Technical College (GITC) is a full-time, higher vocational college of technology. Established in February 2011, GITC has been approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
GITC is located in the Education Zone of Houjie Town.    Houjie is the host to over 1000foreign-funded, and private enterprisesi ncluding the world’s Top 500 Samsung Group, and Tyco. Houjie is also connected to LianChuang International Information Industrial Park, Guangdong Modern Exhibition Center, World’s Shoes Manufacturing Headquarter Base, and the National Industrial Park of Dongguan.  Due to the superior geographical position, Dongguan has a strong economy with a modernized industry. The convenient transportation system of Dongguan connects to other main cities of the Pearl River Delta in one hour, furthering the development of its economic strength. GITC students benefit from the abundance of industry in the area, providing them with ample opportunities for internships and employment.
GITC has the following seven departments: Computer and Communication, Electromechanical Engineering, Art and Design, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Economic Management, Accounting, and Foreign Language Studies. There are nearly twenty diploma programs which offer diverse courses covering fields such as accounting, business administration, marketing, hotel and hospitality, fashion design, and business English.
GITC is committed to quality teaching. Since its establishment, the college has employed a number of renowned professors, scholars, and outstanding teachers who have pursued their studies abroad. Our distinguished teachers are not only masters of theoretical knowledge, but also guide the students to put theory into practice, and production. They have contributed substantially to academic research, scholarships, and are integral in the accumulation of the rich spiritual and cultural atmosphere of the college. 
GITC is fully equipped with advanced facilities for teaching, experimenting, and training. 16.90 million RMB has been invested into the equipment and devices that support teaching and researching. Such equipment includes Apple computers, and sewing machines. All teaching facilities and apartments are equipped with central air-conditioning providing a modernized campus for all students. The library, covering a total area of 41,000 square meters, is taking the lead among similar colleges in the whole area. With well-equipped facilities, and a beautiful campus, the college provides a pleasant environment for study and research.
The college attaches great importance to the academic management of innovation. It pursues a reform of teaching methods, and vigorously promotes cooperation with corporations. All courses are focused on applied learning in order to improve the students’ abilities of putting theory into practice.
GITC strives to “Pursue innovative development of the college while making a contribution to the upgrade and service industry .” It will continue to devote itself to cultivating highly qualified, and respected graduates for the country, especially for Guangdong Province.
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